Brian Ziman

Software Engineer / Technical Consultant / Problem Solver

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Software Engineer, 2013-2019

Metron Aviation

Senior Software Engineer, 2008-2013

George Mason University

Adjunct Professor, 2010-2012


Senior Software Engineer, 2007


Senior Software Engineer, 2006-2007


Senior Software Engineer, 1997-2006

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Research Assistant, 1997


Expert Java programmer, including threading/concurrency, data structures, and networking. Extensive experience with Regular Expressions, Bash Scripting, HTML, CSS, and SQL. Experience with C, XML, PHP, Python, and others.
Operating Systems
Current user and administration experience on Ubuntu and Debian Linux.
Proficient with vi, Guava, GNU tool set, and MySQL. Experience with Spring Framework, Perforce, SVN, Git, Ant, and others.
Native speaker of English. Proficient in German.


Shiny Garden

Founding Member of the Board of Directors, 2016-present

George Mason University

Member of the Computer Science External Advisory Board, 2016-present

Centre Village Homeowners Association

Vice President of the Board of Directors, 2009-2016


George Mason University

Master of Science in Computer Science, 2008

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Minor in Linguistics, 2006

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Studied Applied Physics and Computer Science, 1996-1998.


Hi, I'm Brian Ziman, a software engineer with over twenty years of experience building algorithms and enterprise applications. I am primarily a back-end Java expert, with a focus on mathematical and scientific systems, as well as on concurrent programming, including massively parallel multi-system applications.

My career has spanned everything from start-ups, to higher education, to pure R&D companies, to Google, where the software I wrote impacted many millions of people each day.

I love solving hard problems, and writing beautiful code. There are many engineers that thrive on finding libraries and tying together the pieces that other people built. My speciality is building those tools and libraries and designing that infrastructure. I have implemented RFC 1945 from scratch, and coded Quicksort in Java, for use in production, way back when Java didn't have one yet.

I've made my life writing code, answering questions, and solving problems. Maybe I can do that for you.